Monday, October 4, 2010

School Starts

The kiddos were so excited to start school this fall. Hailey started third and Hunter started first. He was excited to eat lunch in the cafeteria and ride the bus to and from school.

They had a great first day! While they were at school, I took the younger ones to Seven Peaks. I know, not fair!
Tate started his second year of preschool, though he is totally ready for kindergarten. And even little Bridger started preschool this year. I know, he is a little too young, but he LOVES it and feels very much an equal to his big brothers.

I think this year will be great!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hailey the Swimmer

Hailey swam all summer long. Whether for the swim team or at Seven Peaks, she swam. She had swim team practice every morning at 8. She was dedicated and improved a ton. She had several swim meets, ranging from Spanish Fork to West Jordan.
Her favorite events are the 50 and 100 meter freestyle and backstroke. She shaved 8 seconds off her 50 meter freestyle at State. Way to go Hailey!

I am a huge supporter of swimming. I love that it is a life long sport.

Potty Training Time

Bridger was ready to be potty trained. He was asking about going potty in the big toilet, so we went and picked out his favorite character, Diego, underwear. He hasn't looked back to diapers (during the day) since!

And, of course, there needs to be an incentive. His favorite treat are the ring pops. He has been doing really well. There are those occasional accidents, but overall I think he has mastered it. Woohoo! One less child in diapers!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Robison Reunion: Eden

Every year we take turns planning the Robison Reunion. This year was our turn. We had a hard time trying to choose a place...we've been to a lot of cool places over the years. After much researching, we choose Eden. Where is Eden? A cute little town tucked away in the Logan Canyon. We found a great home to rent. Activities included Lagoon....a huge hit with the kids...Pineview Reservior: jet-skiing and playing on the sandy beach....and just hanging out. It happened to be 4th of July weekend, so a treasure hunt and fireworks were included.

My mother in law has these super cool orange shirts for each of us to wear. They came in handy at the could spot our party from a mile away. They have iron-on patches that tell the place and date of the past family reunions.

A Robison Reunion is not complete without a friendly game of kickball/or some sort of sport.
Rhett in his element....mud/dirt/digging...he is such a little boy. :)

Can't wait until next year....Cory and Marilyn's turn!

Friday, July 16, 2010


We had the Adams Reunion at Seeley Lake in Montana. Each family had their own cabinette on Seeley was beee-ut-iful. Though not the warmest weather, we all still had a great time playing on the sandy beach, riding the canoes and pedal boats, eating, and visiting. It stays light so late in Montana that the kids were in their pjs at "night", like 9pm, still playing in the sand.
There was a campfire area where we had a fire every night and ate s'mores, of course.

After Seeley Lake, we headed to Missoula where the kids, Kristen, and I stayed a few extra days. On our list of things to do: Caras Park...a very fun carousal that the kids look forward to riding on, swimming at the country club, eating at McKenzie Pizza, and just hanging out at home.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sarah Came to Town

Sarah...where do I begin?! Sarah and I met in the first grade. I had just moved to El Paso from Houston. I was sitting all alone during recess, on the big yellow tire (yes, the big yellow tire was part of our "playground"). Sarah came up and introduced herself. Since then, we have been the bestest of friends. We went through elementary, junior high, and high school togther. We were roomies at Ricks College. We got married a month apart, and have our first babies weeks apart. We have pretty much been through it all together. We were called the bobsy twins growing up. We even had twin jumpers made for our first day of school in 5th grade, or was it 6th?

Anyway, Sarah and her cute family (Greg and 3 darling boys) came to visit us for a week, and it was so fun. When we were little, we always talked about growing up and marrying twin brothers and having our kids play together... Well, we didn't marry twin brothers, but we did have our kids play together, and it was so fun to watch. What did we do for a week? Not a whole heck of a lot. Just relaxed, went on 4 wheel rides, fishing, parade, little shopping, folded laundry, V.I. visit for some pie, played Ticket to Ride, stayed up every night until 2 am, and watched our cute little hubbies become good friends. It was so fun. Can't wait to do it again...hopefully sooner than latter!

After hanging out for a week, you would think we would have gotten a decent picture of the two of us...oh well. Maybe next time... :)
The kids had a ball roasting hot dogs and marshmellows. Where is the adult supervision?
What a group! We were definantly out numbered...probably the main reason why we didn't go too far from home.
The Nygrens just happened to come to town the same time as our "big" city days was going on. We made it to the parade. Though the weather was a little cold and rainy (typical June weather in Utah), the kids had a great time watching the floats and collecting candy that was thrown their way.
Cute little Sarah and Greg...

Enjoying the parade.

Rhett and Greg took the kids fishing one evening. They had a great time getting muddy...and coming home empty handed.
Kristen came up and did our glitter toes...don't they look beautiful?! Kristen has quite the little business going. Sarah had never heard of glitter toes, until now....Now the trend will spread like wild fire! :)

We had a barbecue up at our house and everyone from El Paso who lives in the area came over. We had quite the group. It was fun to see us all together, and all the kids that came along.
Multiply and replenish the earth?
We had a great time visiting and laughing and seeing all of our kids play together. It's so fun to be able to get together.